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Sounds like

Misery Signals, The Contortionist, Born Of Osiris

band members

Rhys Watson - guitar, Ben Henley - bass, Jason Fimmel - guitar, Joel Keleher - vocals, Justin Fimmel - Drums


Misery Signals, Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me


Originally under the name Hysterias Canvas back in mid 07' as a 4 piece, the band were quick to write a 4 track after their first live show played in Mackay. With the main influence being hardcore and metalcore the 4 track Demo was well recieved and sold out within the month. With the addition of Jason-Dean on guitar, the bands sound was now moreso capable of creating deeper sounds and heavier riffs which naturally progressed the groups sound and maturity towards music writing. Even with plenty of live shows under their belt and the opportunity to support bands such as Signal the Firing Squad, Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction there was a change in early 09' with a change of vocalist. A couple months passed while the band were still looking for another solid and dedicated vocalist to fill in the shoes. The opportunity arose when vocalist for Danny (Ayr) Joel Keleher expressed his interest in joining the group. A few band pracs and a name change later, the band were ready to hit the road again, touring up and down the coast to re-establish a name for themselves among the local music scenes. Currently the band is writing new material, playing shows and trying to get their 6-track EP, "Masks", out to the masses.