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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Wait, I know this one...

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Matthew Hill - throat, bass, keyboards; Sam Henderson - lead guitar, rhythm guitar; Nicholas Pipe - rhythm guitar, lead guitar; Travis Duke - drums


Blur, Custard, XTC, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Black Lips, Regurgitator



Ghyti is a four piece art-rock band from Adelaide. They have stolen all the best bits from Britpop and post-punk, and mashed them together like left over bits of multi-coloured Play-Do. It's weird, but you'll like it. Ghyti have been tearing up stages across Australia and internationally, in the company of indie legends like Regurgitator, Custard, The Mavis's, Jeremy Neale, Straight Arrows, Ash Grunwald, Tiny Little Houses and EVEN. Not literally tearing up stages, you understand. Venue owners get pissy about that.

Pretty much everything they have ever done can be found at

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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

10 Jul 2019

Triple J

What in the name of Regurgitator? I like it.

What in the name of Regurgitator? I like it.