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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

together pangea, A.swayze and the ghosts, Parquet courts

band members

Kai Aubort, Jayden Williams, Coby Williams, Aunty Liss


Together Pangea , A.swayze and the ghosts, Parquet Courts

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Dave, The Waxfinz


Girl and Girl

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

26 Jul

Coolangatta Hotel

Gold Coast, 4225

Marine Parade, Coolangatta QLD



Back in the 80’s there was a band doing the local pub scene in Sydney called 'The Epileptic Pygmies', the drummer was 17 year old Melissa James, dread locks and a mo-hawk. Her boyfriend was the lead singer, they were Sydney’s answer to 'The Doors', however careers and life got in the way. Now, 30 years later, that 17 year old drummer has taken a lifetime of music into a new, this time though playing with her nephew and his two mates in a band called Girl and Girl. Melissa James’s wealth of experience as an accomplished drummer has given the band experience beyond its years, the music is garage rock, very Australian. Kai Aubort as the song writer has the uncanny ability for a nineteen-year-old to be able to tap into his vulnerability, the vivid expressions of life as a late teen, while brothers Jayden and Coby Williams each show their unique views musically, through unique guitar solos, as-well as chunky bass rifts respectively.

Zachariah’s Third Eye, Girl and Girl's debut single, demonstrating raw alongside unique vocal tones and a tinge of 70s alternative Australian rock, the lyrics and music all poured out of front man Kai Aubort in a matter of minutes - sitting on the kitchen table at home. "Like all music, it’s totally up to interpretation, but to me it’s a look at the younger generation" He says, "keeping them in the dark, thinking that’s the best thing for them - and that might sound like cheesy teen angst - but you reach a stage you know where you don’t really have time for people that still treat you lesser for being younger, like age is something you’ve worked hard at, and earnt - and not something that’s just happened. I guess also coming into that point of independence, where the older generation don’t play as much of a pinnacle role in your life: if you don’t want to treat me equally then I’m just not going to hang around you - sort of thing."

Girl and Girl are now on the cusp of their second release 'I Hate You', the song works as an ode to terrible times, one to scream in the car on trip home from a bad day at work, or perhaps after a breakup. There is no sign of slowing down from this group as there plans to tackle the Brisbane music scene become imminent.


Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

01 May 2019

Triple J

a distinct sound and energy that grabs you.

a distinct sound and energy that grabs you.