Artist info


Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Cut copy, hot chip, Muscles

band members

Rob + Michele - Vocals, synths, guitars, bass, beats


CSS, Justice, Daft Punk

Unearthed artists we like

Gameboy/Gamegirl, BMX


Say hello to Girl Brigade - boy girl electro dance duo from Melbourne, Australia. After years of writing and gigging for various melbourne rock/indie bands... we got bored! Influenced by the likes of (surprise, surprise) Daft Punk, Justice and CSS, we decided to buy a lil synth, a better synth and an even better and bigger killer synth! Now armed with guitar, drum machines and the aforementioned hot looking synths, we like to think we deliver a mix bag of early 90's beats, 80's synthlines, 70's attitude and 60's cool