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Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Jesse Williams - Vocals, Guitar Leah Senior - Vocals, Guitar Jacob Booty - Drums, Vocals, Tam Matlakowski - Bass Guitar


guided by voices, velvet underground, jonathan richman, olivia tremor control, big star

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Leah Senior, BABY BLUE


Girlatones play their own wacky brand of pop music laced with honesty and humour. The new project is the direct result of a handful of short singing lessons Jesse Williams (Vocals, Guitar) received from Leah Senior (Vocals, Guitar).

A weekend down the coast saw the musical team track an EP on cassette with friends Jacob Booty and Fabian Hunter-Shaw (Coastbusters, Baby Blue, Jade Imagine). The release was well received by the independent music community across the globe with support from local and international airplay.

The current band line-up features Jesse, Leah & Jacob (drums) with Tam Matlakowski (T.V., Pop Singles, The Stevens) now on bass guitar.

The quartet will release their debut LP, "Fitting In Well," later this year. The first 2 singles from the album; "You're My Friend," & "Share The Love," were well received, with airplay from independent radio nationwide.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

17 May 2017

Triple J

Gosh this is swell.

Gosh this is swell.