Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Black Crowes, The Widowbirds, Chase the Sun

band members

Chi Chi - vocals Jack Perry - guitars Cameron Jansen - Guitars Scott Piper- Bass Thomas Fijalkowski - Drums


The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers Band


A Girl’s a Gun – Loaded and Ready to Go Off.

A Girl's a Gun is a Sydney-based rock and roll band, with a sound coming out of the same Southern Rock soup that most likely influenced the Stones while they were busy influencing The Black Crowes: sexy, fuzzy, and full of blues.

When it comes to A Girl’s a Gun the girl in question is lead vocalist Lucia Neville ‘Chi’ who fronts the band with a huge rock voice that just doesn’t stop. Chi has the kind of voice that would win reality TV talent competitions, if she gave enough of a shit to enter, and the band’s sound is rounded out by twin guitars, bass, drums, big riffs, spaghetti western, texas blues, thumping beats and fat bottom end all spun together by a touch of psychedelic soundscapes.

In 2013 A Girl’s A Gun began work on their debut EP, “Head Up, Above the Clouds” releasing their first single No Decisions to great response from their burgeoning fan base.

“Look out for A Girl's A Gun. They are the next generation Led Zep/Black Crowes... and Lucia Neville 'Chi'... WHAT A VOICE... wooohhh”
Peter Northcote

'Foot stomping and hip shaking… …after listening to this debut effort, I'm left keen to see the band live.'
Rock Pit – Will Holland

Working hard to establish themselves as a must see live act in Sydney, A Girl’s A Gun spent much of 2013 making sure “Head Up, Above the Clouds” was a strong first showing of the band, enlisting the help of engineer Clayton Segelov of the Brain Studios and mixer Stew Jackson, noted for his work with ex-Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford and UK electronica artists Massive Attack.

In 2014, with the final finishing touches being made to the EP, A Girl’s A Gun launched the second single from the record, “More Than A Wink” making a clear statement to all those in attendance to look out for what was coming next.
Mid 2014 saw the release of “Head Up, Above the Clouds” with a hugely successful launch at the Lewisham Hotel Sydney.
The debut EP is a strong statement of the bands sound, influences and direction.

Currently touring and promoting “Head Up, Above the Clouds”, A Girl’s A Gun are already hard at work on their next full length release, writing and demoing ready to enter the studio in 2015.
It’s just the beginning for A Girl’s a Gun, but this is one new band loaded and ready to go off.