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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

m83, karnivool, Porcupine Tree

band members

Tobias Atkins - Lead Vocals Patrick Smith - Drums Eamonn Wooster - Bass Nguyen Pham - Guitar Julian Dobric - Guitar


Malcolm Mclaren, Tesseract, m83

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Glass Ocean’s dreamy hard-hitting progressive prog has fans and critics captivated by the originality of their sound and intencity of their live show.’The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else’ (due August 22) is the band’s debut record boasting a modern twist on progressive pop with sugar-coated thick hooks and melodies, escorted by vocalist Tobias Atkins’ heartfelt story telling. Entwined with intricate guitar layering, trance-like complex rhythms and sensual harmonies, yes… it’s addictive to the core.

Formed in the summer of 2013, as a side project for vocalist Tobias Atkins and drummer Nic Petterson (Northlane), Glass Ocean have since evolved into one of Australia’s most unique acts with the addition of new Melbourne based members including Nguyen Pham (Circles, AlithiA, Enlight), and Julian Dobric (Sentia) spreading the band’s current home base across both Sydney and Melbourne where Glass Ocean’s members are now based.

Glass Ocean have steadily built themselves a reputation as a ‘must see’ live band in Australia. Having released two critically acclaimed EP’s, several Australian East Coast tours and a few impressive music videos including their clip for 'Light Of The Moon' clocking up over 80,000 views on YouTube, Glass Ocean have gone onto support high profile acts such as WOLFMOTHER, ANATHEMA (UK), SEETHER (South Africa), TESSERACT (UK), THE OCEAN (GERMANY), MONUMENTS (UK), SKYHARBOR (INDIA/USA), NORTHLANE, SLEEPMAKESWAVES, CALIGULA'S HORSE, and CLOSURE IN MOSCOW.

The group's innovative sound has garnered praise amongst industry circles, receiving a nod of approval from established international artists such as TESSERACT and POLYPHIA, as well as scoring Triple J radio airtime and Tobias being interviewed on the ‘Today Show’ (TV) in Australia.