Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Failure, Brand New, Sparta, Thursday, The Getaway Plan

band members

Chris - Guitar | Peat - Bass | Pickett - Drums | Bowden - Vocals | James - Guitar |


QOTSA, A Perfect Circle, Karnivool, He Is Legend, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo


G.T.O are a 5 piece Alternative Rock band from Regional NSW bent on exploring sound and energy, heavy riffs, intertwined with swirling guitar ambience to create a progressive wall of sound inspired by artists such as QOTSA, Karnivool and A Perfect Circle.
With the skills possessed by the band members and a deep-­‐seated DIY mindset they have self-­produced three EP's and 2 singles over 2 years, each carving out and refining a signature sound.