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Sounds like

Animals As Leaders, Emperor, The Faceless

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Ian Dixon - Vocals Danni Perez- Guitars/Acoustics/Synths Sean Thomson - Guitars Mike Barillaro - Bass/Backing Vocals Robin Stone - Drums


Middle Eastern Music, Technical Death Metal, soundtracks



Gods of Eden Will Keep Blowing Your Mind Until There’s Nothing Left
Nayon – Heavy Blog ...Is Heavy

Gods of Eden are a band pushing the limits of creativity and technical ability. Starting out as a solo project in 2010, Gods of Eden developed rapidly into a full line up that combines a fanatic love of heavy metal with an alternative view of modern society’s dystopian ideals.

Sydney act, GODS OF EDEN’s self titled EP is a Progressive Metal fans wet dream.
Josh – Metal Observer

The band’s music, which can be best described as Technical, Progressive Metal, is rich, layered and full of nuance. This is accentuated and amplified by the addition of acoustic guitars, orchestras, and electronic sound scapes, to create something larger than can be attained through traditional means.
Each song, which vary from intense and overbearing to sweet and intoxicating, is combined with lyrics that explore concepts and alternate theories of the truths that lie behind the veil of our modern existence.

There are those who shout Gods of Eden from the mountain tops, proclaiming the next big thing in tech/prog metal, and those people are not doing so without justification- the music is insane.
Sam Maher – Metal Obsession

In June 2012 Gods of Eden played their debut performance in front of a full house in Sydney, successfully launching their self titled EP, which was closely followed up with shows interstate as well as supporting international touring bands. In 2013 Gods of Eden had started to spread their music onto the international stage with shows in Europe including the 10 year anniversary of Germany’s R.U.D.E. open air festival in July 2013.

Gods of Eden are currently on the lookout for the right label and management to assist with the release of their new album entitled “From the End of Heaven”, a masterpiece 2 years in the making. This modern work of classical composition is heavily structured with a calculated mathematical combination of harmony and chaos, untied in a way that will only come to be recognized in time as signature Gods of Eden. The songs from the bands first full length album are composed of such intricate detail that, in some instances, they have exceeded the maximum track count for Pro Tools! This album is truly an indication of the highly ambitious nature that is the driving force behind Gods of Eden.

Gods of Eden’s first video for their first full length album’s title track “From the End of Heaven” was released in January of 2014 and was rapidly nominated for the best visual effects category of the Berlin Music Video Awards, in which it achieved runner up status, above much larger artists like Korn and Katy Perry, in May 2014.

Gods of Eden’s self-titled EP is now available for purchase online through their website, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. The band’s first full length album, “From the End of Heaven”, is ready for release on the 9th of October. Meanwhile the band is working hard at honing their craft while developing new, completely unique, songs that push the boundaries of current recording technology, creative ability and human perception.

...the ‘Gods’ are keen to push the boundaries of the genre to places which must be heard to be believed …in fact so fast is their galloping blitzkrieg assault to the senses that I must have missed the title to most of the songs!
Albert Van Gestal. Live review of Dark Funeral + Supports 23/11/12 – Sludge Factory