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Juliet Hunter - guitar, vox // Freya Adele - guitar, vox // Naomi Keyte - bass, synth, vox // Tim Ryles - drums


Blonde Redhead, Beaches, My Disco

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Steering By Stars, SPARKSPITTER


Gold Bloom is an intriguing mash-up of bold instrumental parts, unusual vocal harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. With a distinct element of garage the songs are not shy. Heavy guitar based jams are countered with pure vocal lines and driving beats. In the past year Gold Bloom as played Laneway, Big Day Out and Fuse festivals. Supports include Alpine, Cloud Control, Howling Bells, Leader Cheetah, Rat vs. Possum, Wolf and Cub and San Cisco. The single //Stalactites\\ is the first from their forthcoming EP.

Unearthed in 2012

Laneway Festival

18 Dec 2011


Gold Bloom

Gold Bloom

Congratulations to our 2012 Laneway winners!

Congrats to SURES from Sydney; TINPAN ORANGE from Melbourne; GOLD BLOOM from Adelaide; GOODNIGHT TIGER from Perth; and CUB SCOUTS from Brisbane!