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Sounds like

Rancid, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Bowling For Soup, Sum 41

band members

Paul MeggCartney John Leggon George Heggison Reggo Starr Yolko Ono (band manager and John's girlfriend)


Ramones, The Clash, Billie Eilish, Louis Capaldi, Green Day, Nickelack, Guy Sebastian, That girl who sang the "oooo bop bops" in "Big Yellow Taxi', The Cure, Frenzal Rhomb, Johann Sebastian Bach


We're the type of people who smile at you and say "hi" as you walk by, even if we don't know you. When we ask, "how are you today?" we genuinely want to know how your day is going. We put our shopping baskets and trolleys back. We reuse our reusable plastic bags. We hold the elevator door when we see you running, and we let all the people getting off the train go first before we try to step on. We make seats available for pregnant women and elderly. We vote and we pay our taxes. We make punk music. We are Good Eggs.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

24 Sep 2019

Triple J

What it says on the tin. Good fun too.

What it says on the tin. Good fun too.