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Electronic, Indie, Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Linkin Park, Manson, 30 Seconds to Mars, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo

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Paul Mitchell Bousfield


Queen, David Bowie, 30 seconds to Mars, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Manson, My Chemical Romance, Foals, Deftones, Kashmir, AFI, Bring Me The Horizon

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Yalla Yalla, Brufield, Flume, STICKY FINGERS



Paul Mitchell Bousfield.
Born in Sydney, Moved to Perth when I was 25. Now living the life in Fremantle.
Lover of all music, I taught myself how to play guitar and drums and keys.
Singing came later.
Good Morning Apollo is something I have always wanted to do.
I wanted to do a solo music project that was just what was inside me.
My biggest problem was I wasn't good enough on any instruments to do it.

So began my musical journey to reach where I needed to reach so I could start this project.

It started with learning the bass guitar a little better.
After that I downloaded a version of garage band and set to out on downloading the entire loop library, I was armed and ready with an arsenal of sounds.

The melodies come to me when I'm in the shower. It seems to be my creative place.
Standing there, relaxed, nothing on in my mind. Music starts playing in my head.
I love it and find it amazing, its almost like someone is talking to me through music I have never heard before.

I keep my phone in the bathroom so when I have a verse and a melody sorted I jump out of the shower and quickly hit the voice memo app on my phone. Sing or hum the verse, melody, beat and what ever lyrics I have in my head then run back under the water, rinse and repeat.

I have all these voice memos on my phone of things like, Shower Idea 3 verse 1.
When ever I listen to the recordings they all have running water in the background.

After learning the bass to a better degree I recorded 2 songs. They became my intro tracks, Good Morning, and the first draft of Monsters that I later recorded at Scudley Records With Peter Renzullo, it was mastered at Big Willy Sound Studios by William Bowden and became my first single ever released for GMA.

After I recorded Monsters I had a taste for GMA and knew that I could do much more.

It all starts again every time i'm in the shower.

Good Morning...