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Rock, Indie

band members

Shaun - Vocals/Guitars, Dale - Guitars, Matt - Drums, James - Bass


Foo Fighters, Shihad, The Vines


The Government – Bio (Short Version) Four piece no frills rock band formed in late 2007 in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Line up consists of Shaun McMahon (Vox/Guitars), Dale Ekers (Guitars), Matt Hocking (Drums) and James Isaacson (Bass). Recorded debut EP “Wait Till Dusk” with Davin Pidoto at Mainstage Studios. Handful of shows at usual Melbourne venues such as The Espy, Ruby’s Lounge yada yada. Brief hiatus mid 2008, returning to the stage in support of EP and debut single “Like I Want It”. Influences and comparisons to bands like The Vines, Foo Fighters, Grinspoon, Shihad and Smashing Pumpkins. Rehearsals conducted with pornography playing in background and the dimmer switch turned way down. The Government – Bio (Long Version) In late 2007, singer/guitarist Shaun McMahon entered a high stakes Texas Hold Em poker tournament hosted in the slimy underbelly of Bayswater, Victoria. With the minimum buy in at 10k, McMahon had to sell his car to even come near that kind of cash. After numerous attempts to flog the shitty vehicle at his local carwash, McMahon finally stumbled upon an unsuspecting buyer by the name of Matthew Hocking. Fresh faced like a baby’s ass, Hocking paid top dollar for the Holden VS Deathtrap. Shifty McMahon now had the cash to enter the illegal tournament, but there were still a couple of things he didn’t have, collateral, back up and a getaway car in case shit suddenly went down. These items weren’t necessary but would be invaluable should shit hit the fan and come spurting out at all angles, covering all in the general vicinity in a thin yet potent layer of faeces. Guitarist Dale Ekers was comfortable with cash, in the three years proceeding his completion of high school he had made quite a sum of money as a look-alike. His talents were often called upon at the Hawthorn football club to step in for Shane Crawford when Crawf simply couldn’t be there, and also as the stand in for Wentworth Miller on the hit TV series “Prison Break”. But it was Eker’s impersonation of folk musician Jack Johnson that landed him in hot water. Whilst busking on the streets of Melbourne under the fake guise, Ekers raked in $4,000 in just half an hour until he was sprung by the fuzz. It was only through pure ass did he manage to escape the can… After driving his newly acquired VS Deathtrap for only two weeks, Matty Hocking had spent almost $2,500 on repairs to the vehicle. This infuriated him, he had to sell the shitbox and get his money back. The golden haired Hocking knew that it would be a stretch to find someone who would pay the amount of money that McMahon had conned out of him, so to put the best spin on the internet advertising that he possibly could, Hocking enlisted the services of gifted photographer/bassist Andy Webb to take some shots. Webb had experience on this front, he had helped many people sell crappy cars for a good price. In fact, using his nouse, Webb decided to call one of his regular contacts who he helped flip the odd car for. Webb assured Hocking this man could help; “I’ve seen him rip many a bloke off” he said. Minutes later, the man showed. “YOU!” Hocking bellowed. “You fucking ripped me off!” It was McMahon who had indeed shown up, keen to return the favour to Webb as Webb had done on many occasions for him. Acting as moderator, Webb managed to calm down the ruffled Hocking and the fiery McMahon. The pair came to a truce when McMahon offered Hocking a drum kit as a peace offering. McMahon now had a getaway car, a driver and useful back-up in the way of Webb aka “Barbie” the photographer. The jury had been sworn in and Ekers case was now underway. Even after the vigorous defence by his well paid legal representatives, Ekers future looked like one that would be played out behind bars. On day two of the trial, McMahon, Hocking & Webb showed up incognito to observe the high profile case. The following days unfolded in the court room and the case appeared to be open-shut, it would have undoubtably finished earlier had the jury not kept asking Ekers for autographs every half hour or so. All this aside, the jury were unanimous, Ekers was guilty. But Ekers had an unknown ace up his sleeve. During the final deliberation in the jury room, the handsome Hocking managed to woo the assistant female court justice into the nearby toilet for a quick fondling. This allowed McMahon and Webb to sneak into the jury room and bribe seven of the 12 jury members with some incriminating photos from Webb and some smooth yet stinging talking from McMahon. Upon presentation of the verdict, Ekers was acquitted of all charges against him. He left the court room a happy man, escorted off in the backseat of a green VS Deathtrap. Webb had to drive as Hocking’s protruding hard cock interfered with his steering and McMahon was busy in the backseat with Ekers counting the amount of judges wigs they had stolen from the court room which they planned to sell on Ebay for profit. Only a week or so later, McMahon entered the high stakes poker tournament with the funds from the wig sales (there were a lot of wigs). After several hours of dealing, raising and calling, McMahon came out the victor. The foursome were over the moon, the winnings were in excess of 100k! With the money they purchased instruments, formed a band and recorded an EP entitled “Wait Till Dusk”. “The Government” was born, the fresh face of Melbourne rock music reinvented through the means of illegal gambling. Gigs followed at Melbourne venues like The Espy, Ruby’s Lounge, Revolver, The Barley Corn Hotel etc. All was going well and the release of debut single “Like I Want It” was imminent, until Ekers suffered a crippling shoulder injury from a high speed motor cycle accident. Days later Hocking followed with the breaking of his elbow in several places. McMahon had also fallen ill but decided not to rest, instead he flew to Europe and visited various World War 2 memorials in Berlin. Webb was the only one in good health. When McMahon, Ekers and Hocking reconvened a couple of months later, Webb was nowhere to be found. After an extensive search however he was found and the trio mutually agreed to sack Webb’s ass before starting the search for a new bass player. After several disappointing applications the band were about to give up until the arrival of Mr James Isaacson at the rehearsal room one evening. He showed with bass in hand and amp in boot and immediately kicked the groove that was needed. He also brought along a channel 10 film crew as he was being profiled for a starring role on the new hit TV series “Taken Out”. The foursome jammed with the cameras rolling and Davin (Owner of Mainstage Studios) was nice enough to buy everyone some fish and chips for tea. Long story short, The Government are back and firing on all cylinders.