Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Evan Dando, Paul Kelly, John Frusciante

band members

Graham Gorrie - acoustic & electric guitar, sitar, synth. Various friends on bass, drum, guitar and vocals


Ed Kuepper, Brendan Gallagher, Evan Dando



GRAHAM GORRIE is performer of original songs - alternative/folk rock style. Likes to play old guitars and sings original songs for low key audiences in moody pubs and folk clubs where people listen to the lyrics. Words are very important and inspiration comes from old literature and simple things. Aiming for the festival circuit and overseas gigs. Currently playing folk clubs in Brisbane. History includes running a 4 piece originals outfit playing at Brisbane hotels and performed at the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL two years in a row. The new CD "Mark on the Stage" is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and others.