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Nicole Hawkins, Jason Hawkins, Chris Lugton, Mark Hawkins, Jerome Smith



Hailing from Melbourne, the capital or rock music Australia, GRANDHOUR is singer/songwriter Nicole Hawkins on lead vocals/guitar, Jason Hawkins (Big Radio, Jimi Christo, Taxiride) on lead guitar/vocals, Mark Hawkins on Drums, Chris Lugton (Killshot, guest touring guitarist with Sodom) on keyboards/guitar and New York born Jerome Smith (Divinyls, Keith Richards) on Bass.

With emotive lyrics & vocals, fat in-your-face rock guitars, massive drums, throbbing bass, and soaring guitar solos, GRANDHOUR’s debut album ‘Bombs & Bullets‘ is one of many layers that will make you want to hear it again and again. The strong melodies and catchy chorus hooks will be stuck in your head for days!

Jason (an acoustic designer, builder & qualified audio engineer) and Nicole (a qualified graphic designer, illustrator & photographer) spent over 7 years building their own commercial quality recording studio to record the album. The pair started their own record label (‘Rock Hawk Records’) and in their newly finished studio, the next two years were spent recording and producing the GRANDHOUR debut album.

Upon completion, the album was sent to LA for mixes by Paul David Hager (Goo Goo Dolls, Hooberstank, American Hi Fi, Miley Cyrus) who mixed half the record, with Jason mixing the other half. Mastered by the infamous Stephen Marcussen (Foo Fighters, Audio Slave, 30 Seconds to Mars, U2, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin), the result is what has been described as “authentic modern rock”, “tight, dynamic and great punchy original rock” and “pure energy rock”.

The GRANDHOUR ‘Power-Protection-Unity’ logo is a reflection of the band’s ethos with the ‘G’ (inspired by the Eye of Horus) – a symbol of protection, power and health; the upside down triangle representing ‘power to the people’ and the circle entwining the triangle representing unity.

Tagged by some as “the next big Aussie rock act”, GRANDHOUR’s empowering and thought-provoking debut album ‘Bombs & Bullets‘ is one you will want to own in your collection!