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**Jerome O'Connor - Frontman **Tom Shepherd - Lead Guitar **Brett Adrien - Bass, BV's **Adam McCann - Drums


In a city that is overwhelmed with masses of bands, many musical outfits fight the struggle to obtain respect and recognition from the public. GRANDVUE however tenaciously hold a significant resonance as a band who step the mark and raise the bar for professional standard in live entertainment in Newcastle. Not by anyone else you will hear such music, recognisable as pop, yet identifiable as authentic Australian alternate hard rock. This is a band who challenges what is commercially viable by utilising fresh hook vocal melodies and voicing lyrics that are evocatively resonant, and infuses this with raw energetic smashing riffs and powerfully pulsing rhythms of an “alternate” nature. Heavily inspired and influenced by the pioneers of this scene, here is a band who stem away from expected emulations and imitations of their many peers, and use ingenuity to intriguingly capture a new breed of music which has mesmerised listeners time and time around.