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Metal, Punk

Sounds like

captain cleanoff, Blood Duster, Brutal Truth

band members

Granny (Shit Vocals, manipulated porn samples) --- Saint Fistopher (Blast Drums) --- Fist Fistofferson (Spaz Guitar) --- Papa Wristdeep (Bum Bass)


Cannibal Corpse, faxed head, Pungent Stench


Formed in 2003 in Newcastle, Australia, Grannyfist started as a 2 piece blast/grind/noise band, featuring Granny (Luke Hoskins) on guitar/vocals/samples and Saint Fistopher (Paul McIntyre) on drums and backing vocals, with the occasional noise and vocal contributions from Cut Off Bloody Hand (Matthew Close). Other people did guest appearences on recordings, but the core line up was with Granny and Saint Fistopher. The self titled debut album was released in 2003, it has since been deleted, with 10 remixed tracks appearing on some releases of the "Granny X" EP The band broke up late 2004, soon after the recording of the then unreleased "Granny X" EP (which was eventually released in 2006), and the completed "Fisting Granny" album was shelved. With the long awaited release of Fisting Granny in 2005, the members gained interest in the band once again, then after much talking and speculation, in september 2006, they decided to reform for one reunion show and a bit of fun. Audience responses demanded more shows, and it was decided that Granny should stop playing guitar to concentrate on vocals and samples, opting instead for a new member, Smashed Up Head (Cal Blackman), to handle the Guitar duties. An overseas adventure and jail visit meant that Smashed Up Head couldn't play some gigs, so Fist Fistofferson (Mathew Hoskins) was drafted in to play guitar, the return (and departures) of Smashed Up Head meant that the band would now have a bass player 2008, papa wristdeep (jason lambley) joined the band on bass, the band was deep into the process of making the new album, which they had planned to be a CD + DVD release comprising of new live and studio material, and has signified a more organised direction and sound for the band, with more recognisable "songs", as opposed to the semi improvised nature of the band in the earlier years. The album "Double Penetration" was released on Grindhead Records in 2010, the DVD was released in 2012.... become friends with us on farcebook : FEEL THE POWER OF THE GRANNY


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

31 Jul 2012

Triple J

I concur with what Festering Drippage said: Great Aussie Grind. Thanks Grannyfist.

I concur with what Festering Drippage said: Great Aussie Grind. Thanks Grannyfist.