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John Butler, Ryan Adams

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Grant Walmsley's Agents Of Peace


Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beck


Grant Walmsley is a Newcastle born and bred surfer, best known for his position as the founder and songwriter/guitarist of the legendary Screaming Jets. His latest quest sees him returning to his roots as a singer/songwriter/guitar player, fronting his new band Grant Walmsley's Agents of Peace. Grant has not performed with The Screaming Jets since last October and has remained tight lipped about his mystery absence, despite continued requests to clarify the status of one of Australia's most long running, successful and much loved bands. He is now focused on his new project and sharing the positive sensations of the Agents of Peace. Initially starting the Agents of Peace as a vehicle for his songwriting, Grant has over 100 songs that he has not yet released and is constantly adding new ones to that list. He has become equally passionate about spreading a positive message throughout his travels and spreading peace, love and respect mixed with good vibes, good songs and a great sound. The Agents of Peace debut album has been released through Grant’s own record label and is distributed to retail through MGM Distribution. He is also self-managed, and proud to be at the front line of the independent music revolution, doing what he loves. Grant has spent years touring the world, sharing the stage with a ‘who's who' of legends including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver, Kiss and many others. Bringing the experience of playing 3,000 live shows all over the world to this new project has seasoned him for his role as the multi-talented front man of the Agents of Peace. Grant is the lead singer, guitarist, drummer and percussionist... all at once! The Agents of Peace explosive live show is a phenomenon incomparable to anything else. The Agents swap instruments, and have a double bass, saxophone, harp, piano, slide guitar, harmonica, organ, acoustic guitar, crazy drumming and percussion, and on top of it all, flawless 3-part harmonies. Grant has even created and developed some of his own unique instruments for the band, in order to play them all at the one time. The Agents of Peace self-titled album features new original songs, as well as songs over 100 years old. “I am a songwriter, and am always searching through other songwriters’ works. When I find a song that moves me, I want to do my version of it. Check out the album and you'll hear some good stories and some mighty grooves”. Grant Walmsley's Agents of Peace are now playing their new album live, mixed with the Agents’ rendition of his most famous Screaming Jets songs and an array of classic 'smokin roots and blues' from legendary songwriters of the 19th and 20th century; including Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Howlin’ Wolf. Grant Walmsley’s Agents of Peace also features some of this countries finest musicians, including Rod Ansell on harmonica, sax, guitar and vocals; Allon Silove on double bass and vocals and Travis May on piano and organ. Free songs are also available for streaming and download at the following locations: The Agents of Peace self-titled album is available at all music retailers through MGM Distribution, at live shows, or online at itunes as well as through the official website.



22 Nov 2007


Broad strokes of...

Broad strokes of the brush. Grant Walmsley and the Agents of Peace have come up with an appropriate theme song for their rise up the charts, like a cannonball.

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03 Nov 2007


Grant, Your new ...

Grant, Your new sound is awesome. I have been a fan since the "Aspect" days. This new stuff is your best stuff yet. I may be a bit biased as I am a big Dylan, Niel, Ash Grunwald fan. I can hear the influence in all of your new material. Great work Mate. Can't wait to see you perform this live man. Long live the blues. Keep up the good work ANDY PS. Love the new version of Impossible

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