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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Devo, Regurgitator, Hot Chip

band members

Charles Famous - Vocals Steve Allison - Drums/Programming


Aphex Twin, Talking Heads, The White Stripes




Great Apes are a two piece with a huge sound who are becoming known for their outrageous live shows. The tight synth driven riffs are backed up by live drums and vocals which add a raw energy to our sound. Too glitchy to be pop, too raucous to be electro and with beats too stomping to be indie. Great Apes span many genres without sounding contrived and when they hit the stage hilarity ensues. You will be entertained!



21 Dec 2009


Addictive! Love ...

Addictive! Love it! Almost reminds me of the old DEVO years. Indie-quirj sound really is the only way to descrbe it.

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Reviewed by tomatrax Tomatrax

24 Jan 2009

Super Reviewer

A curious dance ...

A curious dance piece with all sorts of weird sounds and effects. It's takes a while to get started but once it does it becomes quite an interesting listen. The vocals are quite softly delivered giving an effective contrast between music. It's one of the more unusual pieces around and takes a while to really get into (bit like Kid A by Radiohead) but its worth the effort has it's quite a rewarding listen.

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20 Dec 2008


I've seen t...

I've seen these guys quite a bit since I've been in the country. They are classic! This song is probably my favourite live track of theirs too. Oh, and the singer is hot!!!!!!!

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