Artist info


Indie, Electronic

Sounds like

Zergarth The Star Destroyer, Aultikmor & The Meteorites, Gleiron Hoods

band members

Klayon & Aulmang


Earth Emotions, Earth Gurls, Planet Earth


::::::: Begin Transmission ::::::: We are The Grebulons. We have travelled many light years from our home planet of Erlath to study and learn the ways of your race through the medium of music. The people of Erlath were once very similar to the people of earth. We loved, lusted and felt so many wonderful things. But after the invention of mass laboratory breeding in the year 3395, there was no longer any need for sexual interaction between a ðœî & ÖÞÆÐ (man and woman), and soon we forgot such emotions as love and lust. 2496 years later, we come to you to relearn these lost feelings so we can once more feel something. Come with us on a journey of space, time and love. ::::::: End Transmission :::::::