Artist info


Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Gretta Ray, The Middle East , Hein Cooper , Bon Iver , ILUKA, Kim Churchill , Lissie

band members

Tess - Vocals and keys Joe - Guitar Harry - Guitar Owen - Bass Kim - Drums


Fleetwood Mac , Stevie Nicks, Jeff Buckley , Gang of Youths , Travis

Unearthed artists we like

King Ibis, Dulcie, Lilia, Camarano, METHYL ETHEL, Grace Sanders



When they released their 2017 debut EP under the name Gamba, vocalist Tessa Hutchinson, guitarist Joe Simich and drummer Kim Thair laid the groundwork for what would become Green Pools. Born of late night songwriting sessions and sun-dappled rehearsals, Green Pools truly came into being with the addition of guitarist Harry Love and bassist Owen McGinnity – evolving into a five-piece band capable of delivering detailed arrangements that balance the dark of haunting indie noir with the light of sunny uplifting folk.

Having built up a cache of golden songs, Green Pools have now emerged from the studio with their touching new single, Neighbourhood Hero – the first taste of a forthcoming EP due later in the year. Recorded and mixed by exemplary producer-songwriter Camarano, Neighbourhood Hero introduces different sides of the band's sound while building on their stable foundation of lush vocals and soulful, guitar-driven music. Carrying a deep personal meaning for Hutchinson, Neighbourhood Hero was written as an ode to a special person she lost during childhood.

Building on the centrepiece of Hutchinson's beautifully sweet voice, Neighbourhood Hero is a nostalgic reflection on memory and mistakes, that reveals a depth and honesty to the band's songwriting. Irresistibly catchy yet powerfully emotional, Green Pools write music that connects with the heart and soul, yet still leaves room to simply listen and enjoy as wave after wave of bittersweet melody washes over your body.