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Pop, Rock

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Massive-guitar/vox, Seven-guitard/vox, Knuckles-groove, Frichot-time and sometimes, Six and Eggs-bells and whistles


Grenade Baby Lemonade(the moniker tilting its hat in the direction of Tom Wolfe) are knocking on the local Perth rock scene’s door with a lunar-like force. These nu-age electric hippies form a mish-mash amalgamation from several local bands past and present. GBL recently made their first collective venture into the recording studio to record a 3-track single. It was produced by Andy Lawson (Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe and End of Fashion) in an abandoned mansion overlooking Perth’s Swan River, with Sydney-based Will Bowden (Philadelphia Grand Jury and Art vs Science) finishing off the mastering duties. Hear the footsteps to which we follow – punchy, earthy, contradictive, karma-based, champagne socialist rock!