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Sounds like

Mr Bungle, RHCP, primus

band members

Craig Johnston - Guitar and Vox, Jason Nehill - Bass and Vox, Annette Hobba - Keys and Backing Vox, Alex Dimitrievski - Sax and Backing Vocals, Ricky Evensand - drums


Metal, alternative, Hip-Hop


"Issue 1", available from all JB HiFi Stores across Victoria. “Gretchen Lewis delivers an intimidating performance on stage! “ Quote from a miscellaneous, random dude at a previous gig. That initial feeling quickly becomes awe about a third of the way through their opening song. It doesn’t take long to realise that this is a band to keep an eye on as the power of their music hits home. Its not like these guys are reinventing the wheel or anything, its still good, groovy, rock music but it stands apart from everything else that’s out there at the moment. When you go to a Gretchen gig you’ll notice that the faces in the crowd all point to the stage and when a song finishes, there is that split second of dead silence before a cacophony of noise erupts in the way of cheers and applause. Even unsuspecting walk-ins stand up and take notice of this magnetic band that they’ve never seen before. This differs from some of the bands you see these days where they simply seem to be background noise for the conversation your having! From Delsinki and Jason’s spiralling punchy vocals, to Annette’s haunting keyboard melodies, from Alex’s saxy hooks to Ricky’s brutal, punishing beats, Gretchen Lewis provides a confronting, electric and addictive spectacle in a 40 minute set just isn’t long enough.