Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Hot Water Music, Jawbox, propagandhi

band members

Tom - vocals/guitar, Aaron - guitar/vocals, Burgs - bass/vocals, Robin - drums


Jawbreaker, Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes, billy bragg


Formed in early 2006, our first show was a Bad Religion tribute night, our set comprised mostly of BR songs (we sound nothing like Bad Religion). Released a 2-track demo mid 2006. Rocked the Perth punk/hardcore scene playing with bands like Miles Away, Jaws, Battletruk, Restless Words, The Critics and supported numerous touring bands including Strike Anwyhere, Avail, Lead Sketch Union, The Dead Walk!, Unpaid Debt... Our guitarist Xmas left for Europe around April 2007 and was thusly replaced by Aaron (ex-Jaws, From The Ruins). Recorded 2 new tracks mid '07 for demo #2. The second reign of Grim Fandango begins Sept. 22nd!