Artist info



Sounds like

Glen Hansard, Amos Lee

band members

Grim Fawkner - guitar/vocals


Charlie Parr, Glenn Richards, Paul Kelly

Unearthed artists we like

Hayden Calnin, The Paper Kites


Rambling man, Grim Fawkner, is no stranger to stages and streets across the globe and at home. The epitome of the itinerant musician, he draws together tales and musings from his travels and is as likely to deliver them in soft ballad form as he is face-meltingly intricate and upbeat roots/country/blues.

"...Grim instantly breathed warmth into the room with his husky voice..." - Rooftops & Raindrops, blog
"always an enjoyable, upbeat performer, recounting tales of his latest musical trips around the country with great humour" - BEAT magazine
"Melbourne's own Rodriguez" - HUDSON