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Sam Brittain, Catch Release, Hudson

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Grim Fawkner - guitar/vocals


Bic Runga, Glenn Richards, Paul Weller


** Grim Fawkner's first release, 8-track EP "Live at The Abbotsford Convent" now available on iTunes & Spotify**

Grim Fawkner is an itinerant indie-folk musician, full of song and wanderlust. From singing in the streets around Australia and NZ, to playing some of the best stages in the country, Grim is effortless and somehow always suitable.
Maybe it's the disarming banter, or the seemingly nonchalant confidence whilst playing complex guitar rhythm and lead at the same time. But it is this performers voice which stands him out amongst the crowd - rich and raw, passion embodied, and with projection enough to shake the lethargic shackles off all the dream-pop, shoegaze kids. This is a voice that commands attention, and tears at your soul, from smooth blues-inspired numbers to manic indie-folk songs with as much intensity as a full band could muster.

Grim Fawkner is the winner of the CQ Unplugged Summer Series (2013) Queenscliff Music Festival Busking Competition (2011), Windsor Castle unsigned comp (Auckland, 2012) 1st Hotel Barkly Open Mic Competition (2011), the Elwood Lounge Openmic Battle (2011), Major Prize Winner of the Melbourne Fresh unsigned artists competition (2011), and unofficially was voted Tasmania's "Best Solo Act of the Year" for 2011 (but disqualified due to moving to Melbourne).
He has mentored under Melbourne music stalwarts such as Charles Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Rebecca Barnard, and Davy Lane (You Am I). He has opened for Evermore in Auckland, and joined The Mornings on stage at Falls, Marion Bay (2011). He has played Queenscliff Music Festival (2012) with a full band, alongside acts like Tim Rogers, Missy Higgins & The Beards. Fawkner has also been featured on Melbournes "BalconyTV", alongside artists such as Matt Corby, Neil Finn, & Eskimo Joe.
"...Grim instantly breathed warmth into the room with his husky voice..." - Rooftops & Raindrops, blog
"always an enjoyable, upbeat performer, recounting tales of his latest musical trips around the country with great humour" - BEAT magazine
"Melbourne's own Rodriguez" - HUDSON



26 Aug 2014


Great stuff, just listened to this twice in a row. Great voice

Great stuff, just listened to this twice in a row. Great voice