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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

evanessance , yea yea yea's

band members

vanessa hunter - vocals jess finlayson - guitar george pelekanos - guitar efrem - bass nerida wu - drums


Kiss, Chili Peppers



Grimwah is a five-piece rock band, with a style similar to mixing Velvet Revolver with Shirley Bassey, Grimwah's music crosses from heavy alternative to sleazy acoustic, unapologetically rock and unashamedly Australian. With three chicks Vanessa, Jess and Ned and two guys, Efrem and George the band breaks new ground as a raw, rock fuelled Aussie outfit. Cutting their teeth and honing their shows on the stages and pubs around Australia and New Zealand, Grimwah has developed an animated and fiery performance that makes any room go wild. The music is adventure rock to dance to. (* adventure rock : the band has the adventures then writes the rock) Grimwah has a solid pedigree of live performance, playing with the likes of Regurgitator,The Hard Ons, Screamfeeder, Intercooler, Giants of Science as well as outdoor gigs and festivals at Schoolies on the Gold Coast and New Zealand's Lindhauer Winter Festival and extreme snowboarding competition to name a few. Grimwah's new six track CD, 'Ballistic', was produced by Brendan Anthony (Midnight Oil, INXS, Wheatus, George) at Rocking Horse studios in Byron Bay and released at The Zoo on March 31 2006 in Brisbane.