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Indie, Punk, Rock

band members

Liam Brennan Cameron Jerabek Matt Bourke Conor Walkeden


Car Seat Headrest, FIDLAR, Japandroids, Weezer, Idles

Unearthed artists we like

BIFF, Immy Owusu, Plotz, Momoko Rose, CERES


The Grimwoods are a Garage Punk Rock act from Geelong/Melbourne Victoria.
Founded by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Liam Brennan an outlet for indulging in darker and more edgy subject matters. The band takes its namesake from Russell Grimwood Sheridan, Jazz musician and Grandfather to Brennan.

The parameters for the recording experiment were to work as fast as possible with very little editing. The demos that emerged all shared tight arrangements, short song length and unconventional structures. The lyrical content explores social isolation, substance abuse and the general anxieties associated with being a post-millennial twenty-something. Immediately and almost unexpectedly, the initial vision meta-morphasised into a controlled chaos that Brennan found intriguing.

Enter Cameron Jerabek, Conor Walkeden and Matt Bourke, prominent underground musicians from the Geelong region who came together with Brennan in late 2018 to complete the lineup of The Grimwoods. Since then the group have quickly developed a reputation for unique songcraft, sweaty live sets and dark caustic humour.

The Grimwoods released their debut single Cut Short in July 2019.
Seething, angsty vocals interrupt snarling and unfettered guitar wails in this freight train nitro-fuelled belter.
“I bet you thought we were loving life - There’s something more that we need”