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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Grunge Barbie - Shinead Ruby (VOX, Guitar) Bass Barbie - Keira Alice Owen (VOX, Bass) Beats Barbie - Germaine Jones (Drums)


Perth’s own lyric princess Shinead Ruby (HUSSY, Sounduh) serves a lo-fi, thudding beat behind a stream of intricate observations turned stories, turned melodies in her newest project- Grunge Barbie. Out through Freo based Stock Records The Grunge Barbie EP is generating some serious hype throughout the WA sister cities.

Grunge Barbie’s delicately restrained narrative is stirred gently by stroppy guitars, simple shredding bass lines and long captivating builds to quiet nothingness. Murmuring several genres under her breath Grunge Barbie, takes influence from early 90’s hip hop, 2000’s pop and hooks back around to rock and grunge without ou noticing, she is a hybrid musical being and with help from Bass Barbie - Keira Alice Owen (New Talk) and Beats Barbie - Germaine Jones (Trolley Boy) this trio is primed to set summer alight.

Unlike the Barbie the world knows, clothes and loves, Grunge Barbie is the doll you destroyed in your early teens. She’s unapologetically un-pretty, unashamedly dressed in handmade or hand me down clothes and has arrived to the party half cut and ready to make noise. Grunge Barbie got another speeding fine, sewed up a dress and went dancing all night and boy, does she have a story for you.