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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Gust, Of, Gravity

band members

Kyle McGeary -- Keys/Vocals Jesse Carroll -- Drums/Vocals Dan Aurora -- Guitar/ Vocals Ryan Grantham -- Bass




Having been together since late 2005, the four-piece from the far north coast of NSW has crafted a solid set of original tunes, demonstrating their attention to complex rhythmic patterns, powerful dynamics and the ability to conjure a memorable melody. Tight yet fluid, the band can easily swing from rigid, complex song structures to a sporadic free-form jam and back again. In 2007, Gust created their debut CD 'In Superposition', working closely with good friend Sam Bartlett (Aurora Jane). The band is proud of the "in-house" nature of the six track disc, having been responsible for the production, recording and artwork of the CD in its entirety. The band played many festivals and gigs over a two year period in support of In Superposition. They have recently been back in the rehearsal rooms, jamming out new tunes. During late 2011 and early 2012, they tracked and released two new online songs. "Drones" and "Away From Home" is the latest incarnation of their sound. Hope you enjoy!