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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

The Black Keys, Tom Waits, The Fumes

band members

Liam Guthrie: Vocals, 5 string lap steel, 5 and 6 string guitars -- Luke Young: Drums and Percussion -- Elliot Courtnage: Hammond Organ, Bass Guitar


ac/dc, The Black Keys, Pantera


It began in a swamp. Well, in a Tipi in a swamp, with a telephone attached to an ironbark gum. This is not fiction. This is the cold smoking truth. Guthrie delivers honest and distinctive foot stompin’ electric blues. These rugged southern gents sing songs of love, murder, vengeangce, addiction, redemption, lust, longing and loss. Dark and magnificent, Guthrie delivers an incendiary live spectacle. Brace yourselves! Liam Guthrie - Voice, Guitars, Lap Steel Luke Young - Drums, Percussion Elliot Courtnage - Hammond Organ, Bass Guitar Contact:


Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

13 Mar 2013

Triple J

oohhhhhh that vo...

oohhhhhh that voice is gritty and i love it - the lap steel blows my mind - great work guys

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Vicki Dicki

28 Mar 2013


Oh stop it... St...

Oh stop it... Stop playing on the internets and play it live... And while you're at it stop getting stuck in my head, this is just getting ridiculous!

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26 Feb 2013


soo cool

soo cool