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Sounds like

Justin beiber, One Direction, Lady Gaga

band members

Gutty Mitchell-producer,songwriter.. vocals,guitar,bass, & drum sound edits n stuff


70's & 80's aussie rock, (old) country music, metal/punk/grunge/reggae/blues/disco


42yoa,born in south Australia, grew up 120km's west of Broken hill where dad was a proffesional kangaroo shooter, it's how i found my love for aussie landscape paintings and country music, my family moved to coffs Harbour in '87,found surfing & skateboarding & left my footy & cricket far behind.. spent time(on & off)playing in bands in coffs and gold coast through the 80's, 90's & 00's, aswell as filming & producing the "i.h.u" series of Queensland skateboard films. i started recording again to use the music in the sk8 clips i was making.. guttyedits @ youtube.. if theres anyone interested in havin a geez.. these days, i spend time working on my landscape paintings aswell as teaching guitar & doing recording sessions in the eagle den with local skateboarders. i am a qualified S.B.A. skateboarding coach at local sunshine coast primary schools, and i still film & take photo's of crew shredding with my beat up, out of date equipment... occasionally.. and the gear i use to record my tunes?.. that's pretty beat up too..