Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

led zeppelin, pink floyd, Wolfmother

band members

Oscar Veliks-bass, vocals, keyboards, sitar. Lochie Earl-drums, percussion. Luciano Becher-guitar, keyboards, flute, vocals.


pink floyd, beatles, Fleet Foxes


Gypsys of Pangea started as a four piece band and formed just 3 days before entering The Drummoyne Distortion Band Competition which featured fifty five bands and which they won. This was in early 2009 and, after the usual band ructions, Gypsys of Pangea has evolved into a trio of phenomenal power, originality and maturity beyond their years. The whole band is steeped in the music of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Cream, as well as the music of great Aussie ground breakers Chain, Finch, the New Zealand band Ticket, and the sounds of the early music of Bob Brown surf movies.