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Sounds like

Gojira, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Decapitated

band members

Nick Rackham - Guitar, Ben Boyle - Guitar, Jim Luxford - Bass, Rob Brens - Drums


Gojira, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Decapitated


Since touring extensively throughout 2014, culminating with the release of their debut album “Senium”, Hadal Maw have cemented themselves among Australia’s death metal elite with their modern reimagining of the genre and sonically devastating live show.

"Hadal Maw are very much the contemporary and forward-thinking metal force” 7/10

- Metal Hammer

Hadal Maw took form when guitarist Nick Rackham (House of Thumbs) expanded his recording project to a full band, starting by enlisting vocalist Aaron Grice (Swimming with Sharks) and drummer Rob Brens (Alarum, ex session for King Parrot, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, The Schoenberg Automaton). Before completing the line up, the trio released a film clip for their debut single “Shadow Caste” which quickly gained the attention of the metal scene across the country. With the release of their two-track promo, the band also recruited guitarist Ben Boyle (A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Vipassi) and Jim Luxford (Arcane Saints) and the band started accumulating offers from all around the country to perform.

"A monolith: a towering pillar of death metal and atmosphere that swallows the listener whole"


After much anticipation, their debut album “Senium” was released to much praise. The ten-track odyssey was a creative amalgam of modern and old school death metal influences, channeling genre masters such as Gojira, Decapitated, Meshuggah and Behemoth to create an inventive take on the death metal style coupled with a display of strong songwriting principles.

“…harmonious sonic artistry, making the project [Senium] sound like an opus rather than individual tracks on an album“ 8/10

- Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

Founding the band on a solid work ethic has helped bring them to the stage with the likes of Ne Obliviscaris, Psycroptic, King Parrot, Beyond Creation, Ulcerate, Aborted and they show no sign of relenting as they continue to headline shows across the country, flooring fans and critics alike.

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