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Indie, Rock

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Vocals/Acoustic Guitar - Angeline Armstrong, Cello - Caleb Tong, Drums - Lachlan Zammit, Electric Guitar - Esmond, Keys - Nick Ampt



Haiku is a Melbourne based band of five animals in their Sunday best. Blessed with an old chapel to rehearse in, and after uncovering fragments of lyrics on decomposing pieces of paper in Ange's drawers, an eclectic bunch of five friends from diverse musical backgrounds started to play music together. We're a handful of classically-trained perfectionists and self-taught musicians. Sometimes we yell and sometimes we whisper and sometimes we sing and sometimes we play hand-flute and sometimes we click our fingers and sometimes we scream like wild animals. It feels good to share what we've made with you. Drop by our Facebook to know about upcoming gigs and gatherings and those sorts of things: Wild. Melancholy. Keatsian. Raw. A little bit tribal; a little bit classical; a little bit indie; a little bit rock; a little bit folk.



17 Jun 2013


Stella tracks he...

Stella tracks here, never get sick of them.

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16 Mar 2013


Unsettlingly gor...

Unsettlingly gorgeous!

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