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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

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Harjot Singh


Eminem, Akon, Nipsey Hussle, Kerser


HARJOT SINGH made his mark in the Aussie Hip Hop Scene by sharing his unique stories through rhythm and poetry. With over a million views combined on YouTube, multiple rap battles under his belt and after opening up shows for artists such as The Game in 2013 (Newcastle) And Hopsin 2013 (Sydney), Harjot Singh is finally set to release his DEBUT 7 SONG PROJECT on November 23rd ‘THE HUMBLE SAVAGE EP’.

The pureness and authenticity in his voice, makes it easy for listeners to clearly comprehend and understand the message being portrayed, even through his complex lyrics. Whether rapping fast or slow, the listener is able to grasp every word, which displays his undeniable talent. His ability to flow while story telling over a beat is compelling.