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Harmonie Harris - Lead Vocals, Guitar. Braden Hunter - Lead Guitar. Robb Ryan - Bass. Jacob Stuart - Drums.



Being drawn to the wonder and spectacle of rock and roll from a young age, Harmz, as she is known to friends, developed her song writing skills by playing with anyone willing to explore the possibilities of original live music. Finding temporary homes in a plethora of musical units including Vamp, The Honeymoon Sweet and a self titled recording produced by local legend Mark Tinson, Harmz could feel she was on the right path to musical fulfilment, but had not yet found fulfilment as an artist. Secretly crafting songs in her lounge room, Ms Harris brought her songs to Braden Hunter, a colleague at Rosie's School of Rock, where Harmonie works as a teacher, and The Frequency was conceived like an unnamed fetus. The gestation period seemed endless. Countless names and faces were recalled in a search for a rhythm section, settling finally on Robb Ryan and Jacob Stuart from the School Of Rock. With all things in place - The Frequency set upon their first task - recording in the studio. Produced by Robb, The Frequency's debut EP features 4 tracks of pure emotion and personality. Ranging from the Eccentric 'Credit' to the role play fantasy of 'Braden's Song' and deeply personal pieces such as 'These Feelings' and 'Under My Feet' - The Frequency is just warming up - ready to take on live shows and wild audiences - tune into Harmonie Harris & The Frequency!



24 Nov 2012


These guys are f...

These guys are fantastic!! I can't wait to hear more from them and see them live. Well done guys!

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