Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

The Kinks, the beatles, Oasis

band members

Lennie Tranter - vocals, bass; Craig Whibley - rhythm guitar, back-up vocals; Marc Hallam - lead guitar; Luke Tweedie - Drums


Oasis, Joe Strummer, the beatles

Unearthed artists we like

Nugwardo, Post Paint


A mainstay in the Newcastle live scene for the past 4 years, The Havelocks have developed their own unique sound through their catchy compositions, vocal harmonies and guitar driven, upbeat vibe. Consisting of Lennie Tranter (vocals, bass), Craig Whibley (rhythm guitar, vocals), Marc Hallam (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Brett Kiely (drums), The Havelocks have developed into one of Newcastle’s most popular live acts, combining a unique discipline and stubbornness in their approach to composing, arranging and rehearsing their instantly recognisable, yet highly original and organic songs with a raucous party ethic that intensifies their live show and endears fans and newcomers alike to the band. It is this rare mix of dedication to their art and an appetite for insanity that continues to draw people to the band.