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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

Hayden Mathews


Sticky fingers, Ed Sheehan, Beach Boys, Anderson .Paak, eminem, Jcole

Unearthed artists we like

Ocean Alley, The Jungle Giants



I was 9yrs old when I became interested in music. my father had his own band, singing Country - Country rock, and that's exactly the footsteps I followed.
I performed about 50-60 gigs from a young age, all over the coast of Australia. The biggest gig I remember performing was “Mud, Bulls & Music” in Kilcoy, QLD.
My Genre of music grew, developed and changed over the years. I had come to love new artists such as Sticky Fingers; Jack Johnson; Ed Sheeran and these artists then lead to Eminem and Dr Dre which then introduced me to new rap. It wasn’t until I went to festivals that I learnt about Triple J Unearthed and started really digging it.
It’s like they say. “Music is an art” artists don’t just paint landscapes or just paint portraits, so as an "artist" I have learnt experiment and play different Genres over the years . with just an acoustic.
Hayden’s first song released was RAIN then followed by TRICKED VIBE. Release:20/9/19
Also keep an eye out for KICK IT OFF to be released in October!! and There is many more song’s including Features to come!