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M-Phazes, 360, Drapht

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Hayden Smith - Vocals and Production


Tribe called quest, Nas, Dilla

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Canberra rapper/ producer Hayds began writing rhymes at the humble age of 15 as a means of creative expression. It wasn’t long before this creativity extended into writing entire songs, inspired in large part by US hip hop influences such as Nas, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Slum Village, Little Brother, Eminem, Jay- Z, Rakim and Wu Tang Clan. At the time, Australian hip hop was just finding its own identity within a dominant American culture. Throughout a decade of the genre’s progression, Hayds has been able to extract elements from the music of his favourite artists, whilst creating an exceptionally crafted signature style, with established jazzy, uplifting temperaments and synchronic soul elements, all topped off with flawless production skills.

In 2001, Hayds heard Australian Hip Hop artists Hilltop Hoods, Koolism, Prowla and Hunter and Dazastah for the first time and discovered that Australian hip hop was fast becoming an established and developed identity with artistic integrity. Through this discovery, Hayds found a further interest was sparked in a sub culture that was interspersed with distinctive Australian overtones and that spoke volumes to him. He began recording tracks with fellow local emcees Dane and older brother Ryan Kane (Flipadeck), and it was through this process that he started finding his feet as an artist.

In 2002, he discovered the music production software Fruity Loops and started making his own beats. The scope of creativity in sampling and composing a range of different sounds soon became a passion, and he was able to make his own sound from scratch, heavily influenced by artists such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Q-Tip, Jay Dilla, The Alchemist, Large Professor, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Dr Dre and RZA of Wu Tang Clan. This progressed to producing tracks, and he subsequently developed an acute ear in all areas of music production. After showing a few demo CDs to friends, he found that he received positive feedback and this encouraged him to pursue and develop his craft further. His natural ability to decipher and fuse a range of different sounds to create something uniform enabled him to develop a lot of music in a relatively short period of time, and he soon felt confident enough to showcase his material in public.

In 2003, Hayds began participating in battles at Territory Sessions at the Greenroom, a haunt for all up and coming emcees and hip hop heads alike. He began winning battles and ended up on the line up for many well known acts travelling through Canberra such as Drapht, Funkoars, Bliss n Esso, Pez and 360, Hyjak and Torcha, Horrorshow and Seth Sentry etc. thus earning himself a reputation as a well respected and talented emcee. He then met local emcee/ producer Brett Super at Territory sessions in 2004, who was also a well respected battle rapper. Based on a mutual respect for each others skills and similar tastes in music, they formed the Hip Hop group Words Eye View (previously known as Cross Culture Settlement) which consists of Brett Super, Hayds and Ryan Kane. Hayds then decided to follow up his success on the circuit with the release of his debut mixtape Reality CD in 2005; it was well received by the local community, and a future in the industry was looking very promising indeed.

Unfortunately, over the next few years Hayds was plagued by chronic headache issues and this slowed down the process of recording and developing ideas for an official debut release. At the beginning of 2010, however, the process of writing music was reignited with renewed energy. Embryonic vol. 1 was Hayd’s second mix tape and was entirely written and produced by the man himself. The project contained distinctive vintage 90’s hip hop overtones and was influenced by albums such as Nas’ Illmatic, Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders and O.C's Word...Life, and was succinctly defined with a modern homegrown Australian twist. Of the track Traffic Lights which is featured on Hayd's Embryonic vol. 1, Hau of Koolism and Triple J’s Hip Hop Show has said that he has “many things going for him…..a good sense of cadence and has the skill to tell a story while using metaphors”.

Hayd’s aim in the future is to further establish himself as a respected and talented emcee and producer that stays true to the artistry of hip hop, pushing boundaries and constantly evolving as an artist and in turn, paving the way for a fresh and dynamic culture. Additionally, he envisions a widening of its scope and influence, with the view of it becoming a generational link and acting as the glue to fuse different genres and cultures together. It is his strong opinion that the true essence of hip hop has no cultural boundaries; rather, it’s a universal language that speaks to its listeners, and similarly to those who choose to become engrossed in it.

written by Alice Adriaanse


Review by Stateovmind Stateovmind

08 Apr 2014


Really feeling t...

Really feeling this jam, everyone kills it and this beat is so smooth!

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