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Pop, Punk, Rock

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Kazya Isaac Roachy Mikey


For those of you missing artists like Blondie and No Doubt but still need that extra kick in the face, this four piece post-rock band from Lismore, NSW, Australia, is for you.

Their sound is a blend of 90's style female grunge and American pop punk with an Australian edge that will bury it's hooks into you upon listening; a vocally raw truth of wonder and pain alongside intricate rhythms and gorgeous melodies that completely envelop you, the way music should.

H_d_m_ stands for: I can; I am good enough. However, the band likes to throw out tags like "H_d_m_ may also be used pragmatically to refer to: “How drunk's Mikey?, How's drunk Mikey?, Hump dad, mum, Hilary Duff's muff, Honest Dick-move, Hey, do me!, Hungry Dick Monster, Hardly Do Much" and so on.