Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

beatles, butler, bec

band members

Brad. A - vocal and guitar, Carsinogenic - mc and guitar, stephanie - drums and pads, shags - bass


beatles, James Brown, john butler


Band name: “IN THE HEADSET” Formed in 2004, founded in Newcastle (NSW, AUSTRALIA). The band comprises of; when original members play accoustic, its Brad A on vocals and guitar plus the other guitar and mc’ing by Craig G (aka carsinogenic). When full band, Brad on vocals and guitar, Carsinogenic on guitar & mc’ing, Stephanie on drums, and Shags on bass. Plus occassional cameo appearances from various others artists. Music style/genre: A fusion of blues/roots, funk, and touch of electro and hiphop. History: The band originated due to a friendship made through a common work place. Brad being from a predominantly rock background and carsinogenic came from a electronic/hiphop background. IN THE HEADSET is the happy musical medium reached between the band members. Previous gigs: - Lass O'Gowrie, supporting “glass army’ and “the big empty”. - Cambridge, playing a solo acoustic set. - songwriters live (sj’s hotel), playing with “ann marita” and “the nebulas” - Northern Star Hotel, supporting “the fumes” and “dawn collective”