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Roots, Rock

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Heath Marshall-vocals,lapslide,resonator,acoustic,electric,banjo guitars and percussion.


The Fumes, Ash Grunwald, Adam hole


Heath taught himself how to play the guitar when he was 13 and played on occasions for years to come around the campfire,parties ect... It wasn't until he was almost 29 that he rocked up to his local pub and played at an open mic night with his acoustic and a stool.From then on,something sparked in a man who didn't know his capabilities,but was sure keen to find out! Surrounded by other talented musicians,Heath started to find his place and pursued a musical career,however big or small.Playing in bands and continuing his solo work,Heath found himself leaving Canberra and landing in Fremantle,WA.In the last 3 years,Heath has pushed himself to become the one man band he is today.Playing 5 different styles of guitar and stomping away on his percussion arrangements,Heath bellows out nothing but pure emotion! Heath has just recorded his first solo album,playing virtually live as he would on stage and did it all in 3 days.Nothing polished or perfect,yet it feels better that way! The album "Up To Fate" will be released March 2009.