Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age

band members

Michael Soares - bass, curls Eliot Lee - drums, musical knowledge Andy Jones - guitar, vocals


Mr Bungle, Future Of The Left, Tom Waits

Unearthed artists we like

Tortoise HEAD Platoon, Rargo, Flight To Dubai, Mr Kite



In 250BC, three unemployed philosophers, (who had lost their jobs at the now derelict Wisdom Factory) wandered the streets of Newcastle, Australia, measuring the weight of things.
Seeking enlightenment, the three young men began weighing heavy things, like morality and hardwood furniture. This they quickly found tiring.
For some light entertainment, the trio picked up little things, like pebbles, jokes, i-pods and colds. This was interesting for some time, but lacked any real challenge.
And so, seeking fulfillment, the out of work philosophers begin lifting things of moderate weight; something of substance, but without the unpleasant strain the bigger things entailed.
Cats were lifted. A bowling ball. They picked up conversations. One of the young men found a pumpkin and carried it for days.
Then, unthinkingly, one of the young men picked up an oddly shaped thing which made a strange and fascinating noise.
The philosophers had not weighed an object quite like this. More attention must be payed to this object, they decided.
The pumpkin was put down.
This thing quickly proved to be the most pleasurable thing to hold of all.They learnt its secrets. They called it, ‘Guitar’.
It was at this point the young philosophers felt it was time to cash in their wisdom for internet fame, and started a rock band.