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Indie, Roots


Hedy Blaazer (fka h.) is a Sydney/Canberra-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. Live, she forms a duo with Marcella on the fiddle. Expect honest, quirky lyrics and genre-bending effects on a canvas of alternative folk.

"In an era that is full of great music coming out of Australia Hedy Blaazer looks like being another name to add to the list." - Indie Midlands (UK)

"Hedy Blaazer’s newest single ‘a happy song’ comes with 6-shooter vibes and absolute uniqueness. The theatrical indie-rock and Americana twists bring about tangible grit of emotions to the fore." - Comeherefloyd (US)

“The expression of honesty in her vocals, lyrics and chord structure show that this is not just a musician but rather an artist.” - Beniah Colbourn, CBR DIY

"The crowd were transfixed, with many seated on the floor, the stage high above them. Couples were putting arms around each other and holding hands as […] lyrics of love and loss washed over us, perfectly matched with Marcella's violin." – Kate Russell, The Noise Floor

"Folk is inclusive, folk is human and folk is sincere. With 26 Letters, h. embodies the genre’s ideal with compassion and careful consideration." – Happy Mag

"Oh my god. This set put me in a strange, dystopian landscape of dreaminess. The kind of music that you lie down on your bed and cry to, not because it’s sad, but because it’s beautiful." – Alice Worley, BMA