Artist info


Punk, Metal

Sounds like

The Chariot, Stray From The Path, Converge

band members

Julian Frank, Aaron Desborough, David Cullen, Ben Tranter


For too long now, the music world has been dominated by the same sounds of what kids are made to believe music has to be. All substance, self-expression and honesty been swept under the carpet in favour of image, style and acceptance. Enter, Heiress. A band who are hoping to prove that doesn't have to be the case. The brain child of musicians Julian Frank and Aaron Desborough from Central Coast/N ewcastle of NSW. Musicians who are not afraid to break boundaries, To think, to feel and project that through honest and intense music, written without bias. Musically, Heiress take noticeable influence from bands who, like them, are not bound by any rules or guidelines. Bands such as Stray From The Path, Norma Jean, The Dillinger Escape Plan.. etc. Their technical approach to disjointed, fiery and abrasive hardcore is executed perfectly and shows that Heiress are a talented and musically educated force. However, this is not solely where the strength of Heiress' music comes from. If not restricting your music, why restrict your lyrics? Vocalist Julian proves that, by touching on subjects that a lot of young artists are afraid of these days. Questioning many issues of what is socially and morally acceptable in society. Issues Julian believes young people are forced to accept without giving any thought or input of their own. But don't for one second think that Heiress are here to preach to you. This is an honest representation of music being a form of art and an avenue for personal expression, backed up by instrumentation which is guaranteed to be constantly pushed and progressed by its creators. Prepare yourselves.