Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

first aid kit, julia jacklin, boy and bear, the civil wars

band members

Jenny Denny Liam Denny Solomon Steele


josh pyke, the staves, sufjan stevens, middle kids, lucy rose, gabrielle aplin, joseph, bon iver, barr brothers, milk carton kids, oh wonder

Unearthed artists we like

Mayfair Lane, Paper Sunsets, stu larsen



Sydney based alt indie band Heirs have been slowly gathering momentum, releasing their debut album "The Thick of It" in May 2019.

Their honest lyrics and acoustic driven tunes are matched with sweet and soaring electric tones that leave you feeling awash with hope.
For a relatively new band they have a distinctive sound, showcasing powerful vocals and warm three part harmonies.

Recorded in the solar powered and completely off the grid cabin ‘Blue Sky Studios’ in the leafy Blue Mountains, Heirs debut album “The Thick of It” is a journey through struggle, joy, despair and hope - underpinned with a strong sense of purpose.

The three piece are taking their first major release on the road across Australia this winter.

Be sure to catch them, along with a collection of friends, at a show near you.