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Indie, Rock

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Thomson Phan Jordan Blencowe Nick Lee Samuel Cordeiro


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INSTA : @hela.forever

Hela is an Alternative Rock band, comprised of a group of friends from all over Sydney. Jordan Blencowe and Thomson Phan play guitar, sing and write the music, with most notable inspiration coming from Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tame Impala.
They showcased their work and developed a powerful live sound for a couple years performing at Sydney venues and countless house parties, featuring some close friends on bass and drums. The group became what it is today with the inclusion of Nick Lee, a jazz-based percussionist, table-tennis professional and human metronome who plays Hela’s drums. Their most recent addition is Samuel Cordeiro, a music student and Hela’s bass player.

Hela’s debut single, ‘Black Leather’ was released Nov this year, to the delight of fans and critical acclaim.

“Black Leather is that kid at a party I’m too shy to talk to. It’s moody and a little anguished, but damn I’m intrigued.
The track paints a really clear picture of what Hela are capable of. There are layers upon layers of instruments each trying something different, but it’s never too flashy. The songwriting shows some really commendable restraint. The listener is brought in by the cool and nonchalant vocals, but stays for the guitar hook’s ability to tie it all together.
Black Leather is one crazy impressive debut.” - Abbey Lenton, FBi Presenter

“There’s an air of sophistication to Hela’s brand of alt-rock. It’s special, unique and florid. They take the time to explore every aspect of melody and how that makes the listener feel. Their latest, Black Leather, is certainly no different and also widens their already vast scope.” - AAA Backstage

The four are currently recording Hela’s debut album.