Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Fumes, The Black Keys, Hank Williams

band members

Captain Diklich - Harmonica, Guitar, Bastard Box, Vocals Benny Whiskey - Lead Guitar, Bastard Box, Vocals


Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tom Waits, BB King, Acdc

Unearthed artists we like

Hell City Glamours



Hell and whiskey are a two piece blues band hailing from the sunny Gold Coast. Combining the soul of old delta blues with the high energy of 50's rock n roll, Hell and Whiskey span a mutitude of genres while keeping to their signature dusty style. Dick's whiskey laced voice and desert harmonica mashed with Benny's blistering lead and glass shatering falsetto make this bands sound timeless and unique. Playing together since 1999 in various acts their improvisational skills and professionalism are second to none. From their purpose built foot drum kit to their sharp get ups to their old school sound, everyone always leaves a Hell and Whiskey show with a shuffle in their step and the blues in their soul.​