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Indie, Roots

band members

Adam Sinz - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, Tamborine, keys, foot stomps. Kitty Daily - vocals, guitar, foot stomps.


Bob Dylan

Unearthed artists we like

THE WRATH, Snakes & Daggers, Kill The Apprentice


Bygone era revival is strong with the duo of Adam Sinz and Kitty Daily. Unique to the current musical-scapes, The Hellhearts deliver interesting takes of foot stomping acoustic sound. While Kitty (aka. Carina Hellbunny) remains an integral role in Gold Coast rock band, The Wrath, it is from here which Adam also found a musical home amongst the darker grains of musical accomplishment. The Hellhearts provide gravitating country and folk style tunes roughly alluding to prohibition era or even freak show gypsie absurdity. Earthy and raw melodies come together while lyrics represent inner turmoil and our hunger for survival.