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Indie, Pop

band members

Dave Colman - Vocals and Guitar, Daniel Stewart - Guitar and Vocals, Jakov Novosel - Synth & Keys, Mitch Ross - Bass, Beck Clarke - Drums


R.E.M., The Smiths, wilco

Unearthed artists we like

Girl Most Likely, Black Rabbit, Lisa Wood


Dave Colman first began performing original material under the pseudonym Hello Beautiful in 2003, the first shows with Liz Thomas (Border Thieves) on bass. During that time, the name appeared alongside a broad and often unpredictable range of live acts on the Sydney circuit. It was during this busy solo stint that Dave laid the foundations for the band to come. In early 2004, Dave was joined by guitarist and long-standing friend Daniel Stewart (also of In Retrospect), whose knack for feel, harmony and texture perfectly complimented Dave's vision for the existing songs. The rest of the year was spent writing, arranging and performing new material that would later form the initial repertoire for the full band line-up. Keyboardist Jakov Novosel joined the duo to form a trio in 2005, with a hand-crafted palette of atmospheric sounds, to feature in the full band line-up before his departure in 2007. Beck Clarke, a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, came onboard in 2006. With 15 years of drumming behind her, and a distinctive, dynamic style, Beck drove the songs even closer to their full potential. Bass player Mitch Ross, (also of In Retrospect), completed the picture in late 2006. His fast adoption of the songs, and instinct within jazz and rock feels, assured the group that they would be showcasing their material sooner than later. Hello Beautiful have been playing headlining and supporting shows in Sydney since 2005, and completed their debut EP in early 2008. The band parted ways mid-year and these recordings now serve as a document of years of creativity and friendship. You can now find Dave on various instruments in The Model School and Black Rabbit, as well as performing and recording solo material, Beck on drums in Girl Most Likely, and Jakov producing material under Hashbang SpaceStar . RELATED ARTISTS: Dave Colman, The Model School, Mirth, Black Rabbit, Hashbang Spacestar, Girl Most Likely, In Retrospect.